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Invite Future…

is a source of insight, reflection and inspiration for change in the field of work. In the industrialized world, where employment work is an exchange of time against money, people are more and more disconnected from their authentic interests, passions and needs for self-expression. As a result, we are seeing an increasing rate of unsatisfied and unhealthy workforce. This is a serious societal problem that needs to be urgently addressed.

The mindset in many corporate cultures is not human-centric but almost entirely profit-oriented. And, this is not the fault of a particular entity but the result of the system we collectively created over time to generate the wealth we enjoy today at the cost of people and planet.

Invite Future is an invitation to you to take a critical view on work-related challenges and to question the status quo in a constructive way. If we commit to change, we also need to come up with good ideas for practical solutions and we need to find like-minded people to take actions. Only action will ultimately make a difference.

My Vision…

is to increase our awareness of what we really create with our work, to give significance to unseen and unpaid work that is beneficial to society, and to create workplaces where people are respected and appreciated for who they are and can truly progress by using more of their potential. I know, this is a lot. But we need to dream big! 

My Approach…

As an independent researcher I connect with other experts on the future of work around the world. As part of this process, I interview them to learn about their visions.

I also interview other groups including employees, entrepreneurs, artists, and students to establish a dialogue and co-develop ideas for change. A high diversity of the participants is important to me, and I welcome any idea.

To implement the best ideas, I am also looking for like-minded individuals, teams and organizations to join forces in setting up new initiatives and experimenting with new concepts.


Dr. Asli Toksal is a consultant for organizational development acting as a mediator in complex environments between employees and leaders as well as across functions.

Asli offers group workshops and individual coaching to support personal growth, identification of potential and establishing work-life balance. Asli is specialized in leadership, human resources development, mental training and systemic consulting.

She has held a wide range of roles in the financial services industry for 15 years, including in sales, risk management, process design, IT project management and sustainability.

Asli earned her PhD in Social and Economic Sciences from the University of Cologne (Germany) with an empirical study on corporate governance. She is a CEMS Master in International Management including a semester at HEC Paris (France) and a graduate from the Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria).