About Me


My name is Asli Toksal. It is a pleasure to have you here. I hope you find inspiration and valuable insights that you will further spread across your communities.

What Moves Me to Explore

For many years I have been listening to hundreds of stories from people employed in the corporate world – my own experience included – about their constant effort in balancing their needs with the environments they are in when making a living.

It is no secret that there is a widespread mismatch in corporate work between what employees want and what they experience. And it is no secret that this dilemma causes stress affecting our wellbeing and relationships over time, negatively impacting our innovation power and endangering the prosperity of our society.

The corporate system has realized the issue and is increasingly providing flexibility in order to keep their people engaged. Most solutions we have today to address employees’ needs, however, just cure symptoms. The real causes are somewhat questioned but still untouched.

As we develop new technologies and quickly change established business models these days, now is the perfect time to also question and renew the systems for work that we have once set up and might now be outdated.

Currently the world is desperately looking for new paths of creating economic, societal and human value. We already know a lot about what needs to change. But where to start and how to bring everything together in a complex world?

Well, let`s start right now where we are by first believing that it is possible to create completely new paths. With envisioning of opportunities, much courage and creativity we can develop new win-win solutions for both companies and employees.

My curiosity and desire to tackle this complex topic brought me here. I feel there is much to do and it is worth dedicating my time to something that matters to humanity.


Dr. Asli Toksal is an advisor on organizational development and a researcher on the future of work. With her projects she answers the worldwide urgent call for new ideas on how our work and lives can be alternatively organized and valued in the future.

An expert for change in complex environments, Asli is an experienced translator between mindsets of different levels in the corporate organization. Having held a broad range of senior manager positions in the finance industry for almost fifteen years, she engages in the start-up community in Germany to promote innovation. Asli is a Senior Sustainability Manager at SIEMENS and jury member of the Munich Business Plan Competition by BayStartUP since 2013.

Asli earned her PhD from the University of Cologne (Germany) with an empirical study on corporate governance. She is a CEMS Master in International Management from HEC Paris (France) and the Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria). Over the past decade she specialized in leadership, human resources management and systemic consulting.