Vision Exploration

As we progress rapidly in applying new technologies in business and society, the world is urgently calling for new concepts of how work can be alternatively organized and valued for a sustainable future of all. The intense debate around new technologies and their impact on human life is highly controversial, and given the natural uncertainty of what we can expect, unfortunately the fear of the challenges outweigh the belief that it will all be better. There is much generic discussion but no specific action yet. The best way out of this is to research, as Stephen Hawking called for more research on the benefits and dangers of Artificial Intelligence.

The call for new models of work and life is one for a fundamentally new paradigm that will result from rethinking what work means for us, how we work, where we work and what talents we apply at work. As McKinsey Global Institute concludes from their study on jobs lost and jobs gained from automation, we will all need creative visions for developing that.

Therefore as technological innovations progress we need to speed up with economic, societal, legal and occupational innovations, if we want to address the challenges ahead and be in the driver`s seat. Such innovations need to answer our individual human needs as well as our collective aim for sustainable progress in a creative and scalable way. These need to be win-win solutions for companies, employees and society.

I sense the urgent call to act and start with a project I call Vision Exploration. This is about collecting visions and exploring what is thinkable in a constructive way. Like in any innovation process, before developing prototypes that can be tested in a corporate / policy environment, I am approaching a diverse group of people around the world to bring a wide range ideas into play. I believe that the more diverse the backgrounds of the involved are, the richer will be the outcome.

Vision Exploration will build the foundation for developing practicable solutions in a second step and lead to further projects. As an independent researcher I am not tied to any special agenda of an institution. Partnerships, however, as the project evolves, are highly appreciated in order to make the results scalable. Please contact me if you are interested in a collaboration.